Ratio analysis

Times Interest earned Ratio            Times Interest earned ratio is used to measure the ability of a company to pay its Interest expense based on its EBIT.                                                                             More >>>>>

Cash Coverage Ratio                      Cash coverage Ratio is used to measure the ability of the company to pay its interest expense using available cash.                                                                   More >>>>

Fixed Asset Turnover Ratio                Fixed asset turnover ratio is used to measure a firm’s ability to generate sales from the fixed assets it has employed.                                                                          More >>>>>

Earnings per share                          Earnings per share is the share of net income, after deducting preferred dividend, that is allocable to common stock shareholders.                                                                                                    More >>>>>

Debt Ratio                                      Debt ratio is a leverage ratio used to quantify the percentage of Debt that is funded by assets of the company. It also known as Debt-to-Assets ratio.                                                                                 More >>>>>

Inventory Turnover Ratio                    Inventory turnover ratio is an efficiency ratio used to measure how efficiently a company is able to sell and replace its inventory in a year.                                                                                                       More >>>>>                    

Price-To-Earnings ratio                    Price-To-Earnings ratio is the ratio of a company’s Market price per share to the company’s Earnings per share. It is also known as earnings multiple.                                                                             More >>>>>

Capital Intensity Ratio                    Capital Intensity Ratio is an efficiency ratio which gives the amount of assets required to be employed to generate a single dollar of sales.                                                                            More >>>>>